Primary Objections To PG&E's Plan

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1) The cause of PG&E's current safety predicament and the cause of the current conflict with homeowners is due entirely to PG&E's negligence and mismanagement. Yet, PG&E considers that we homeowners should bear the full brunt of the pain.

2) All current homeowners purchased our homes on the basis of expectations of usage of our backyards that were very clearly set by PG&E. PG&E now wants to implement a life-altering change to our relationship, at tremendous personal and financial cost to us. Our homes will go down in resale value, as prospective buyers are told about a 2' gas pipeline that we as buyers did not know about when making our decisions to purchase. Our homes will also go down in personal value, if our backyards are completely leveled, as we have been asked to give up all control of our backyards and to give up the relationships that we have established with the beauty that we created within them, even though PG&E had allowed us to believe that we did have the right to control and to build up our back yards. For this, PG&E claims that we deserve no compensation at all, since PG&E claims the right to make any changes that it wants, any time that it wants, to our easement agreement, and PG&E claims that we deserve any and all consequences. In fact, PG&E even went so far as to claim that our houses will not go down in value at all just because we now know that there is a 2' gas pipeline in the backyards and just because we cannot have trees or whatever else in our backyards.

3) PG&E did not approach homeowners in good faith. We can prove that PG&E lied to us, repeatedly. Its usage of threats and intimidation is on the record. All of our concerns have been sluffed off with lies, and have never been addressed at all, let alone satisfactorily.

4) PG&E has absolutely refused even to address any and all questions related to the legality of its new plan. PG&E waved our easement agreement in our faces, but refuses to read it and to recognize or even discuss the limits that it places upon PG&E.

5) PG&E has resorted to intense bullying and intimidation in order to coerce homeowners. Every meeting with homeowners has been led by a PG&E bully making false claims and intimidating threats, completely unwilling to address any of our concerns, other than concerns related to safety, which have all been disdainfully dismissed as unimportant to PG&E.

6) Although increased safety is it claimed justification for this action, PG&E has instead instilled tremendous fear in the homeowners involved. Fear of PG&E, fear of explosion, fear of even trying to negotiate with PG&E. PG&E negligence has resulted in a huge explosion on this very pipeline in the recent past, and PG&E has shown that profit is the only driving force here. These do not make anyone feel safer. It is true that safety is important. However, the ends cannot justfiy the means. PG&E allowed a society to build up around its easement. Now, it wants to destroy everything, as the cheapest way for it to meet its superficial commitment to safety.

7) This is not only about a disagreement between PG&E and a few homeowners. PG&E wants to level dozens of huge, fully mature trees visible to all from public roadways. PG&E has rejected all offers by the city to relocate its pipeline. On the one hand, PG&E has told homeowners that the city would never offer an alternative easement, while on the other hand PG&E has rejected all offers of an alternative easaement from the city, and now simply completely ignores the City of Mountain View in this negotiation and has ceased all communication with it.