Transmission Pipelines and Land Use
A Risk-Informed Approach

Special Report 281 - 2004

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Special Report 281, published in 2004, has many recommendations for improving safety. Apparently, PG&E considers itself exempt in the case of Pipeline 132, since this pipeline was built beforehand.

Page 34: "The authority of pipeline operators to control the use of the right-of-way is limited by the terms of the easement agreement"

PG&E has chosen to ignore any limits on its rights to control our land, and refuses to discuss the easement agreement.

Page 37: "There is a considerable tradition in land use regulation of relying on distance to separate the public from industrial hazards."

PG&E is not as much interested in safety as in how much it will cost PG&E. Lies and bullying are acceptable business practices, as long as it keeps a lid on costs.